5. september 2023

New committee will enable young people to engage in the tech policy debate


To foster vibrant and democratic dialogues at the intersection of technology and policy, Crown Princess Mary Center, Copenhagen Center for Social Data Science (SODAS) and the Department of Political Science have initiated the CPH Tech Policy Youth Committee. 

While digitalization brings advantages, it also raises concerns. It is crucial to involve and engage the youth in the ongoing digital transformation, as it directly affects their future and because they possess an incredible amount of knowledge from growing up in a digital world.

With inspiration from the newly established CPH Tech Policy Committee, we hope to initiate a committee for students and hence enhance the voice of the youth in tech policy debates. We invite all university students placed in Copenhagen, whether enrolled or on exchange, to apply to become a member of the Youth Committee. This includes both Bachelor's, Master's, and Ph.D. students.

The committee will conduct meetings, discussions, and public events with a wide array of topics concerning tech policy and digitalization. The primary focus will be on the impact of digital technologies on society and daily life, exploring areas such as the welfare system, cybersecurity, geopolitics, disinformation, inequality, and much more. Committee members will shape the agenda and direction of the Tech Policy Youth Committee. SODAS and Crown Princess Mary Center and the department of Political Science will continuously consult and facilitate contact to academics, professionals and policymakers.

It is no longer possible to apply, but we will announce the members of the committee soon.